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Innovative and Productive Projects

Our innovative projects are part of the application of various technologies that are oriented to the control and monitoring of a process. The machines generally perform repetitive tasks, making it work automatically and minimizing the intervention of people.

The main objective of the automation of industrial processes is to manufacture the largest number of products in the shortest possible time, reducing costs and guaranteeing quality.

  • We automate processes from the feeding and automatic ordering of parts by electromagnetic vibration.
  • We develop automation machinery to optimize industrial processes and increase productivity.
  • Our experience allows us to have a high level of competitiveness in various industrial sectors with national and international companies.

Vibration Sorting Systems

It allows parts and pieces to be ordered in the same direction, in such a way that they can be fed into other processes according to the requirements of the industry.

Types of pieces that can be ordered: small jars, lids, caps, pens, washers, pills, spoons, among other components of various shapes and sizes.

Assembling Machines

This machine allows to assemble from 2 to more components and is made up of several stations that allow such assembly.

Types of assembled components: Clothes hooks, roll-on containers, outlets, plugs, pens, doy pack lids, tips caps, disc top, flip top, push-pull, and a variety of items for industrial use.


Dosing Machines

Machine whose function is to dose liquid, pastes and creams into various containers as required. We manufacture linear and rotary type dosing machines for various formats.

Linear: With production speed up to 80 bottles per minute
Rotary: With production speed up to 250 bottles per minute


Capping Machines

Bottle cappers for different formats.

Capped with continuous linear or rotary system, depending on the production speed.

Packaging Lines

Lines composed of dosing, capping, conveyor belt, feeding and output lungs.

Rolling Machines

Machine with a rotary system, whose purpose is to insert sheets into lids, in its different presentations.


Box Assembly Machines

Box making machine, performs the process of automatically forming, folding and sealing the carton. Sealing it at the bottom of the box.


Lifting and Ordering Belts

Belt to feed and / or order various elements, with adjustable inclination.

Water Tank Sealers

Machine that seals the top ring of the tank with the body of the tank.