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Automatic Feeding and Ordering

Automation Projects

Vibratory bowl feeding system

It allows parts and pieces to be ordered in the same direction, in such a way that they can be fed into other processes according to the requirements of the industry.

Type of pieces to be ordered
• Small jars
• Lids
• Caps
• Pens and components
• Washers
• Pills
• Spoons
• Among other components of various shapes and sizes

Centrifugal and mechanical feeder

To feed and/or sort components of various sizes. The inclination of the equipment is adjustable according to the requirement

• Centrifugal positioning system
• Stainless steel elevator belt
• Transfer system to horizontal belt
• PLC synchronism and control
• Integrated security system

Rotatory caps feeder

To feed , in an orderly manner, plastic and metal caps to capping lines

• Drive by geared motor
• Stainless steel hopper
• Speed variator