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We are a company dedicated to the integral automation of industrial processes. We offer solutions according to the client’s needs, which range from diagnosis and design to project development and commissioning.

I + D + I (Investigation, Development and Innovation)

We develop different technological proposals, providing innovative solutions that allow companies to increase their competitiveness. Our main objective is to provide solutions for companies in various productive sectors. We provide an integrated and adequate service to each process and specific requirement of the industrial market.

Our company is synonymous with quality and its recognition has made effective the reliability of large local and international clients.

Our Values


We are constantly searching for new automation designs for the general industry.


We have objectives and we work to achieve them, which implies not leaving things halfway that are important for the formation of a project.

Team Work

With the contribution of all those involved in the different processes, we seek to achieve our objectives.


We carry out the work in the best way so as not to cause harm to our staff or the environment.


We strive to reach the goal of the company by delivering to the customer what is requested.


We favor the union to improve communication, the will, the interest and the availability of the work team.

Awards and Participations


INNOTEC Technological Innovation Award, granted by CONCYTEC


Industrial Merit Medal, granted by the National Society of Industries (SNI) and the President of the Republic.


Participation in Business Roundtable in Bolivia and the United States. Participation in the Food Industries Fair, organized by PROMPERÚ.